Yana Birÿkova

Yana Birÿkova, Yale

Yana Birÿkova is a multimedia artist and designer.

Her theatrical designs include Imogen Says Nothing (Yale Repertory Theatre); Big Love (Amherst College); Collisions (Yale Cabaret); Scenes from Court Life (Yale Repertory Theatre); Square Root of Three Sisters (Dmitry Krymov Lab); Don Quixotte (Yale Opera); Mad Forest (UNC Wilmington); Women Beware Women (Yale School of Drama); The Secretaries; We Are All Here (Yale Cabaret); Don Juan (Yale School of Drama); 1/13/14 (Studio Tisch); Transport (Irish Repertory Theatre). Her assistant credits include Elevada (Yale Repertory Theatre); The Master and Margarita (Yale School of Drama); Deepest Man (3LD Art&Technology Center). In addition to theatre design Yana has worked on art installations and performances featured at the Yale Art Gallery, Danspace Project, Harvestworks. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Yana holds a BA in Film Studies from UNC Wilmington and an MFA in Theatre Design from Yale School of Drama.

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/yanabirykova


Women Beware Women
Yale School of Drama, 2016
Directed by Leora Morris
Projections – Yana Birÿkova
Set – Claire DeLiso
Lighting – Carolina Ortiz
Costumes – Alexae Visel
Sound – Kate Marvin

Mad Forest

Mad Forest
UNC Wilmington, 2016
Directed by Ed Wagenseller
Projections – Yana Birÿkova
Set – Randall A. Enlow
Lighting – Thomas Salzman
Costumes – Mark D. Sorensen
Sound – Max Lydy

Imogen Says Nothing

Imogen Says Nothing
Yale Repertory Theatre, 2017 Directed by Laurie Woolery
Projections – Yana Birÿkova
Set – Claire DeLiso
Lighting – David Weiner
Costumes – Haydee Antunano
Sound – Christopher Ross-Ewart

Don Juan

Don Juan
Yale School of Drama, 2015
Directed by Andras Visk
Projections – Yana Birÿkova
Set – Alexander Woodward
Lighting – Andrew Griffin
Costumes – Sydney Gallas
Sound – Jin (Annie) Ying